JS error in jasmine tests not showing up?

I have a jasmine test that is getting executed in Resharper  It shows up as expected (green) when it succeeds in chrome (and in phantomjs as well) but when it fails it's not telling me why it failed.

/// <reference path="/Scripts/resharpertest.js"/>
/// <reference path="/Scripts/jquery/jquery171.min.js"/>

describe('Resharper Test Runner', function () {

    it('is operational', function () {
        var foo = firstTest();

When my "firstTest()" function executes correctly it shows green in the test runner, but when the test fails for some reason, The resharper output shows "undefined" "Exception doesn't have a stack trace".

Should I be getting a more specific error than that?



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Am I the only one who gets an "undefined" message when Jasmine tests fail?


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Hi Mike,

fix for this problem will be available in the next 7.1 EAP nightly build.

Sorry for the inconvenience.


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