How do I migrate Solution.6.1.ReSharper to Solution.sln.DotSettings?

I have a bunch of settings in my Solution.6.1.ReSharper file, how am I supposed to migrate those to team shared Solution.sln.DotSettings? (using either RS 6.1 or RS 7)


p.s. I tried selecting th .ReSharper file via "Import Code Styles from earlier versions" but that created only a tiny DotSettings file (missing a lot of stuff we have in .ReSharper) d.s.

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Found out how to do it (it seems):
1) Open solution, RS 7 now creates Solution.sln.DotSettings (basically empty) and Solution.sln.DotSettings.user (seems to contain stuff from Solution.6.1.ReSharper).
2) Resharper->Manage Options
3) Select "Solution 'Solution' personal'
4) Select "Copy Settings To" > Solution 'Solution' team+shared
5) select everything
6) Hit OK

Now Solution.sln.DotSettings should contain stuff from Solution.6.1.ReSharper


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