How to get the "Go to object definition" option back in Resharper 7?

I recently did an install of Resharper 7 on Vs2012 and i believe i pressed F12 which is the standard shortcut for Go To Definition, when i did this I got a slightly different dialogue asking what F12 should do.
it looked different compared to the Regular "Should resharper own this shortcut"-window. I was wondering how i can get that F12-dialogue back and make another selection?

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You may either:
1) Remap the F12 keyboard key in the "Tools | Options | Environment | Keyboard" dialog to another command
2) Or remap ReSharper keyboard scheme in the "ReSharper | Options | Environment | Keyboard and Menus" dialog. Please make sure that you'll 'remap' the same scheme you had before; otherwise, you'll need to reset all shortcuts in the "Tools | Import and export settings" and reapply the scheme once again to avoid shortcuts conflict.

The 1st way is easier and faster, IMHO.

Hope it helps.


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