Do CamelHumps work when selecting a method to override?

When I try to override a method in a class, a list of overridable methods appears. I'd expect to be able to use CamelHumps to select an item in the list, but that doesn't work. Is ReSharper supposed to support this?

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Hello Dick,

Could you please provide two code samples:
- The one you'd like reSharper to create
- The one ReSharper does actually create

Thanks in advance!

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Hi Alex,

Well, I don't think code samples are really what you need. Maybe a screenshot will help explain what I mean.

I create a new Windows Forms application and go to the code for Form1. Now let's say I want to write an override for the OnBackColorChanged method. So after typing override and a space, I type in obc for OnBackColorChanged. Because of CamelHumps, I'd expect to automatically jump to OnBackColorChanged in the list, but it doesnt. It just jumps to the first entry starting with O.

I'd expect the same behavior as when I type obc inside a method.

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Hi Dick,

Thank you very much for the additional explanation. I've confirmed this one as an issue and logged it here in YouTrack for further fixing:

Thanks for your report.


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