CodeCleanUp borken for StyleCop 1204 etc?


I'm now using
- ReSharper 7.1.1.
- StyleCop 4.7.42.

If I get an warning like 1204 "all static public methods must be placed before all non static public methods ..", I used to activate CodeCleanup with code reordering and reharper sorted methods fields etc correctly (as defined in options).

Some time after upgrading to ReSharper 7.1.1. and StyleCop 4.7.42 I realised that the code reordering part stopped working. Even if I uses the supplied CodeReordering template.

Do I miss something here? Is it a bug?


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Hello Holger,

StyleCop is a 3rd-party ReSharper plugin for ReSharper, so I would recommend to report this issue to the StyleCop site here:



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