How to create a Naming Style ???

I got a projet to check if Resharper is good enouth to be used by our company, and i got a little problem configuring to our company varible naming rules

I need to create a naming style that based on the varible type:
for an example

Dim test AS String >>> need to be converted to >>> Dim sTest String
To uppercase the first letter of the varible and add a first letter of the type for a prefix...

All i managed to do till now is to add a static letters and resharper underscores the line if its not stands in the properties,
but allways uses the default (first property) even if its not match the varible type

Dim test AS String >>> sugested convert to >>> Dim iTest String because iUpperCamelCase is the first (default) property.

I tryed to serch thru the forum to find an answer, but without  any success,
can someone help me with this please ?

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We've answered you in your 2nd topic here:


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Re: Naming Style and Type

that post talks about massive change with language and stuff,
my need is more basic, its string, int,double and bool, all the other must get letter 'o'

i dont think i'll have time to write a plug in for so simple request.... :(

may  be it possible to create a shurtcuts in custom naming style window like  "type(1)" in prefix will mean the object type first letter or  "type(1,3)" will mean types first and third letter, after all every  varible has a type... if not no prefix will be created.
I think that way the customisation will be more efficent???


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