Is ReSharper wrong in giving "Access to modified closure" warning?

I have the following code:

static void Main(string[] args)
            IList<Func<int>> funcs = new List<Func<int>>();

            for (int i = 0; i < 5; i++)
                int i1 = i;
                int k = -1;
                for (int j = 0; j < 3; j++)
                    funcs.Add(() =>
                                      int localK = Interlocked.Increment(ref k);
                                      Console.WriteLine("(i, k)=({0}, {1})", i1, localK);
                                      return 0;

            foreach (var func in funcs)

ReSharper shows "Access to modified closure" for k in this line:

int localK = Interlocked.Increment(ref k);

However I get correct result (I also get the same result when I apply the resharper suggested fix):
(i, k)=(0, 0)
(i, k)=(0, 1)
(i, k)=(0, 2)
(i, k)=(1, 0)
(i, k)=(1, 1)
(i, k)=(1, 2)
(i, k)=(2, 0)
(i, k)=(2, 1)
(i, k)=(2, 2)
(i, k)=(3, 0)
(i, k)=(3, 1)
(i, k)=(3, 2)
(i, k)=(4, 0)
(i, k)=(4, 1)
(i, k)=(4, 2)

Is Resharper wrong?

I'm using Resharper with VS 2010, .Net 4.0.

Andrey Serebryansky
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Hello Ivan
     This looks like a bug to me. I've logged it under and you're welcome to monitor the request's status. Thank you!

Andrey Serebryansky

Senior Support Engineer

JetBrains, Inc

"Develop with pleasure!"

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No change in status for eight months?

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Hi Rennie,

I've updated the request status.

Thank you.


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