Viewing documentation for intellisense listed members?

Hi all,

This is something that has been driving me nuts that I really miss from normal Visual Studio intellisense. There must be a way to do this, but I've combed through help docs, setting files, and Google and found nothing.

When I want to explore members in a class, i.e. static methods on "string", I would type "string." and intellisense pops up and lists all the members on string.

In regular VS intellisense, I can now use my mouse to scroll through the giant list of all the members and just mouse over one of them to see a tooltip with the docs for that member. I can't find a comparable way to do this with Resharper. It only shows a tooltip for the currently selected entry, and the only apparent way to change that is to use the keyboard's arrow keys. If I use the keyboard arrow keys to move through the list then it pops up a tooltip for the currently selected member with the documentation for it, but there's seemingly no way to get a tooltip for the member that is under my mouse. When I'm scrolling a long list of members and I find what I want, I don't want to hit the down arrow 50 times to highlight it to get the docs, I just want to mouse over it and see the description. If I click on it it instantly autocompletes that member and closes intellisense.

It would be nice if I could click on it once to select it and get a tooltip with the docs, and then click again (or double click) to autocomplete it.

I don't know if this makes sense, I feel like I'm rambling but it's hard to explain eloquently. I can post screenshots if it will make it easier.

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