Intellisense is bizarre for VB.NET projects and SL projects?

I'm having lots of "slow down" productivity because of how ReSharper 7.x "fills-in" under VS 2010  and what it thinks is the appropriate code syntax.


Typing in a Public Sub MyMethod(ByRef myVariable As Boolean ...

ReSharper 7 will auto-fill "AssemblyPart" rather than "As" ... considering I use "As" a lot while coding, this is a MAJOR productivity slow down ... which is counter to the purpose of using ReSharper.

I can disable ReSharper Intellisense, but that defeats the purpose of buying the product in the first place.  I'm hoping there is something I can set to make this problem go away that will not compromise other good aspects of ReSharper??

Sadly this is just one example of many where ReSharper is a lot more stupid about what to auto-fill -- standard VS 2010 Intellisense does a MUCH better job.

I also have several other issues such as "Find Similar code" does nothing at all ... as in zero, not even a message saying "nothing found".

So far I'm finding ReSharper 7.x decreasing my productivity.

Any suggestions?

Thanks, Rob.

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We have been experience the same issue with Resharper in VS 2010 in VB.NET projects. It is very annoying.


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Damien,I've uninstall ReSharper (yet again), clearly VB support is not a priority for them.  Maybe some day they'll get serious about VB support, but I'm not holding my breath.Rob

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