Unit Tests Stuck at Pending (7.1.3)

Hi everyone,

I believe 7.1.3 was a fix for the unit test stuck at Pending. I'm using 7.1.3000.2254 and I'm still having trouble.

All of my tests run with MSTest and I'm using VS2012 Pro with Resharper, dotCover and dotTrace installed.

If I use the Unit Test Explorer I can run single tests, multiples in a class, and multiple classes in a library, without any problem.

However, I can not run tests directly from the source file. If I choose run (or more likely) debug from the little zit in the source files' gutter, it opens a new Unit Test Session and adds the selected test, then the test gets stuck at Pending.

If I choose 'Cover with dotCover' then the test is executed as expected.

I'd be grateful for any thoughts or ideas.


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