How long is "Test wasn't run" going to be around?

I'm now using the 8.0 EAP but all the way back to the 7.0 release of Resharper I've been plagued by "Inconclusive: Test wasn't run" errors while running MSTest tests.  It tends to be a result of a test initializer failing, and I expect bad code to prevent my test from running successfully, but the error message Resharper displays with no details or information about the cause is really unhelpful.  When this happens, 9 times out of 10 I can't even debug the test to see what's happening.  I set a breakpoint as far up the chain as I can, TestInitializer line 1, and it doesn't get hit.

I've tried every permutation of architecture and framework version and most of the other settings in the unit testing configuration screen in Resharper.  There are other annoyances with the Test runner, like trying to run a test class and nothing happening because an abstract class somewhere up the test class hierarchy doesn't have a [TestClass] attribute.  The lack of feedback when something goes wrong in the test runner is a severe problem.  Unit tests are where problems should be expected, the tool needs to tell me what's going on.

Is this something you guys are looking into for 8?

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