Resource name refactor "Rename Resource" not working - While Find usages works properly...


We wanted to use in our solution the ReSharper's refactorings for doing some resource files improvement but have found a stopper here.

We have, for example, two projects: A & B.
In project A we have the resource file A.resx, which is used by two XAML pages, one in the project A and another in the project B.

When we do a "Rename Resource" it gets changed properly in the XAML page on project A but not in the one on project B.

Curiously the "find usages" action identifies both usages properly.

Why does one refactor action work and the other does not??
This is happening on Resharper v7.1.1.

Is this the "expected" behavior or this is a bug to be fixed? I consider this the second as it is not coherent (that is, find usages finds correctly the usages but the rename action does not update all the usages, only the ones in the same project).


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