Problems with generate template in solution explorer (7.1.3)?

I noticed that i'm having problem with a lot of the generate templates in solution explorer:

Visual Studio 2012 (just updated to update 3)
Resharper 7.1.3 ( build 7.1.3000.2254)

So for example if i Alt+Ins in the solution and choose class i do get the dialog which lets me enter the class name but as soon as i enter the class name and click ok nothing happens. I get no class. The same thing happens for interface. There are a few that seem to be working like folder & "web form with master page" but a lot dont' work. I tried uninstall resharper and reinstall but that doesn't help. Is this some type of general problem with update 3 for visual studio? If not how should i try to fix this problem?

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FYI. I just downloaded the trial of 8 and the same thing is happening.

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Well it took me forever to figure out but i finally figured out what is causing the problem: A conflict between resharper and Microsoft's "Visual Studio Tools for Git".

I uninstalled resharper and reinstalled: didn't work
i uninstalled visual studio & resharper & reinstalled: didn't work.
I bought revo uninstaller pro and used it to uninstall both and then reinstalled: didn't work.

For some reason (can't remember) i uninstalled the visiual studio tools for git and everything started working. I think reinstalled the visual studio tools for git and it stoped working. With the tools installed i switched the source control provider from Git to TFS which also fixed the problem. So there is type of conflic which is wierd because they dont' seems to conflict with each other in any way.


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