How to trace back from a few "Go to declaration" jumps?

After following a few "go to declaration" jumps from a starting point in the code, I lose my way back. How do I go backwards when needed? My workaround is to create a new bookmark before I use the "go to declaration". I don't want to use one-time-use bookmarks and clutter my bookmarks. I am hoping there's a better way than my clunky method. Using R# 8.

(another product uses automatic dropped markers which I find very useful!)

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Use the shortcuts, Luke.

A couple of variants:
1 Ctrl+"-" - Jump Back, Visual Studio own feature/shortcut, Ctrl+Shift+"-" jump forward
2 Ctrl+Shift+Backspace - jump to last edited location.Also very useful

3 Ctrl+, - View list of recent files popup, jump if selected
4 Ctrl+Shift+, - View list of recent edits

check it out

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ctrl+"-" doesn't do anything. I am using the IntelliJ IDEA keyboard scheme if that's what's causing it.

I am not doing edits when I am jumping between declarations so ctrl+shift+backspace won't help.

I have the files already opened in tabs with no edits or recent edits are in  a single file where I already have a bookmark. Your last two shotcuts won't help.

I would suggest here the R# team add some kind of virtual breadcrumb when hopping in code and be able to trace back.

Thanks for the suggestions.

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You can find out (and change) the short cut for NavigateBackward in the Keyboard section of the options dialog in VS. Just look for View.NavigateBackward.


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I saw a Resharper.Resharper_NavigateBackward which worked fine. Thanks.


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