How to turn off the parameter help tip of Resharper?

I install the ReSharper 7.1 to the Visual Studio 2010. I'd like the original tip for method parameters or variables help info when I hover the mouse on the identifier, but the ReSharper gives me another one like this snapshot below.

The top one is offered by ReSharper, the bottom is original which is covered.
2013-9-30 15-44-18.png 
I fail to turn it off by setting "IntelliSense"-"General" of ReSharper option with the choice "Visual Studio" or "Limited ReSharper IntelliSense". I don't find anything else about the parameter help info in settings of ReSharper option.

I think that there's conflict between VS and ReSharper. I suspend the ReSharper, the additional tips disappear. But I can't get the other features of ReSharper then. I try ReSharper 8.0.2 trial edition later, the problem is still there.


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