Any way to force complete rescan after inspection severity change?

Needless to say I have tried the several ways myself:
- Clear cache under General Cache (also tried to move it)
- Go to filesystem and locate all caches I could find (On my Win 8.1 system the main one seemed to be at c:\Users\<USERNAME>\AppData\Local\Temp, but I also cleared from c:\Program Files (x86)\JetBrains\Resharper ...
- Turn off, then on Solution wide analysis

Let me explain what our concrete scenario is:
We are using Resharper 8.1 now, but this has been true for as long as I can tell.
When resharper first gets a crack at a project it seems to correctly perform a complete analysis and flag all files with Error inspection severity correctly in the solution errors window. However if you have ever done an analysis before and change inspection severity (from any to Error) this seems to really only be happening when ReSharper has a need to reanalyze a file again (such as you opening it or touching it through refactoring). When changing severity away from error it is easy enough to hit the "Reanalyze files with Errors" button in the solution errors window, unfortunately the same does not exist for reanalyzing files without errors.

Is there some way that ReSharper can be coaxed into reliably reanalyzing the entire project. Frankly a little button that says Reanalyze Entire Project (like there is for the already flagged issues in the solution errors window) would be terrific, but a dummy you forgot to delete the x and y and z here, and here, and here would do for now :)

Frankly I consider this a bug. When I change inspection severity, then I would expect ReSharper to do this on its own as clearly I want to see all things I just marked to be Errors to show up in the solution errors view (and vice versa if I changed them away from errors).


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