R# 8.1 + Visual Studio 2013 Productivity Power Tools

I have installed R# 8.1 and VS 2013 + Productivity Power Tools for VS2013.
One of the options of Productivity Power Tools is "Ctrl + click - go to definition" + I checked "Control click shows definition in Peek"
When i use Ctrl + "click", it takes me to definition and then show me Peek window, which doesn't make any sense. When I suspend R# everything works fine.

So Resharpers shortcut is Ctrl + B to go to definition, which is exactly like Ctrl + "click". But in keyboard shortcuts I can’t find anywhere Ctrl + "click" shortcut?
Also when I use Resharper_PeekDefinition shortcut everything works fine, but it little bit nicer to use Ctrl + "click" :)

Could someone else also test that?

Thx :)

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The two ctrl-click actions are not compatible with each other - you either need to disable the one from Productivity Power Tools (from Tools -> Options -> Productivity Power Tools), or the one from ReSharper (ReSharper → Options → Environment → Search & Navigation). The ReSharper ctrl-click also supports the Peek window, by holding shift+ctrl+click. Alt+ctrl+click is go to definition, which is very useful on an interface.

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Ok, I disabled one. Thx


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