How should I respond to "Field is never used" warnings?

In the following VB.NET unit test, Resharper warns me that _presenter is never used, and gives me the option to remove it or comment it out. Doing so would be a mistake, however, since _presenter is critical to the operation of this MVP pattern.

  Public Class RangeSliderTest

    Private ReadOnly _model As New RangeSliderModel
    Private ReadOnly _mockView As New Mock(Of IRangeSliderView)
    Private ReadOnly _presenter As New RangeSliderPresenter(_model, _mockView.Object)

    <Test()> _
    Public Sub CanChangeRangeMin()
      _model.RangeMin = 99
      _mockView.Verify(Sub(x) x.UpdateRangeMin(), Times.Once)
    End Sub

  End Class

I'm trying to achieve warning-free code, so I need to decide how to deal with this warning. My options are:
1) Disable Resharper's "Type or type member is never used" inspection.
2) Treat this particular violation as a special case and disable the Resharper warning with comments.
3) Recognize that the warning identifies a legitimate coding mispractice, and adjust my code accordingly (but how?).

Is this issue familiar to the Resharper community? If so, how do others deal with it?


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