Including Suggestions and Hints in VS2012 Solution wide Inspection report


We are using Visual Studio 2012 and Resharper 7.1 for our development purpose.

The inspection option in Visual Studio IDE (Resharper->Inspect->Code Issues in Solution) reports only errors and warnings.We have enabled the "Analyze errors in Whole solution" option in the Code Inspection->Settings option as well.

The hints and suggestions that are being reported by ReSharper are not being displayed when we get a report at the end of the inspection. Is there a way for us to tell resharper to include hints and suggestions also when producing the inspection report?

This is required because, in our continuous integration server( uses Team City 8.1), the run reports everythings :- Hints, suggesions, warnings and errors. So a developer is not able to ensure that there he has not ignored any suggestions until he commits the code to SVN and the code quality check is triggered in the continuous integration server.

Any help on this topic is greatly appreciated.

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SWA is a different feature, which is showing errors only in the whole solution.
To have a report of all suggestions, warnings and errors, please right click on the solution in SOlution Explorer and select 'Find Code Issues' there.



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