ReSharper getting out of sync?

Every time I edit a file, R# seems to get out of sync. It flags up errors or warnings in the scroll-bar and the code editor; I fix them, but R# doesn't seem to recognize the edit. Even if I close the document and reopen it, R# still flags the lines that I've already fixed. The only way to get R# to update seems to be to close and reopen the project.

Using Alt+Page Down takes me to each alerady-fixed error/warning, but  Alt+Enter doesn't offer any options, and there is no tool-tip  explanation.

Meanwhile, the code compiles and runs correctly, and both the "Errors in solution" window and the status bar icon show there are no errors.

Am I the only one experiencing this extremely annoying behaviour?

JetBrains ReSharper 8.1 Full Edition
Build on 2013-12-12T03:30:52

Plugins: 3
#1. “Preview Tab Behaviour” v1.1.5175.43029 by “Matt Ellis”
#2. “Go to Word” v0.9.8.0 by “Shvedov Alexander”
#3. “NuGet support for ReSharper” v1.3.0.9562 by JetBrains

Visual Studio 12.0.30110.0.

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We have seen this, and it's hopefully fixed in the latest 8.2 EAP builds. Could you download and try, please?

We've had some reports that it's still occurring in the 8.2 builds, but we can't reproduce. If you get a consistent (or mostly consistent) repro, please could you log it to the issue:



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