Publishing a Click Once app from Visual Studio 2013 fails after upgrade to R#

Publishing a Click Once app from Visual Studio 2013 fails after upgrade to R#

I have a completely reproducable issue that affects ALL ClickOnce apps:

If I turn off R# I can publish and republish a ClickOnce app as many times as I like.

If I enable R#, the build fails after the first publish.

After  it has failed, if I go to the project properties and go to one of the  tabs of the Project Properties, I get this error message:

A  numeric comparison was attempted on "$(TargetPlatformVersion)" that  evaluates to "" instead of a number, in condition  "'$(TargetPlatformVersion)' > '8.0'".  C:\Program Files  (x86)\MSBuild\12.0\bin\Microsoft.Common.CurrentVersion.targets

This problem then persists until I close and reopen Visual Studio. Suspending and Resuming R# does not fix the issue.

Note that rebuilding the project causes no problems - it's only the publishing that causes the issue.

Also, if I suspend R# before publishing and resume it after publishing, things are fine.

Also, it's fine with Visual Studio 2012

Here's what I think is an important clue

This error only occurs if the following option is enabled:

    Project Properties -> Publish Tab -> "Automatically increment revision with each publish".

When that option is selected, the project's ".csproj" file will be updated during the build. Perhaps that is triggering the problem.

Other installed addons

Code Contracts (from Microsoft)
Web Essentials 2013
WiX Toolset
Visual F# 3.1


Please try the private build from here and let us know if it helps you. Then turn off an ability to use msbuild to obtain project references and rebuild the solution. You can find such option in R#->Options->VS Integration-> Use msbuild to obtain project references.


I can confirm that turning OFF the "Use msbuild to obtain project references" setting FIXES the problem.

Turning that setting back on causes the problem to reoccur. So it definitely seems related to that.


I have just installed Resharper version 8.2.1 (8.2.1000.4556) and I can confirm that this bug is now fixed.


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