Resharper doesn't find all usages of a default property

I'm using Resharper with VB.Net in Visual Studio 2010.

I'm trying to find all usages of a default property. Specifically, I'd like to find all usages of DataRow.Item(String). Because it is a default property, the property name may be omitted in the code. In other words, the syntax DataRow.Item(String) is equivalent to DataRow(String). However, when I use Resharper to find all usages, it finds the former, but not the latter.

This seems wrong to me. When I ask for all usages of DataRow.Item(String), I expect to get all usages, regardless of the syntax used. Is there a good explanation for why that isn't happening?

Also, can anyone recommend a workaround? I really need to find all usages, including DataRow(String).


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  I filed a new ticket to YouTrack You are welcome to track its status.



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