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There are a couple of tools that execute outside of visual studio so that they can be integrated at the build level.
However, I do not see any information on how we, as developers, can create additional tools that would fit within the same problem space.

I'm needing to create a resharper "addin" (I'm not sure if that would be the appropriate term in this case) that would execute after a successful build that would create an output file containing the class dependencies and do some additional analysis on thecode's structure.

Can I please get some guidance on this?

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ReSharper doesn't really integrate into the build pipeline as such. All analysis happens as-you-type, so it's possible to create a plugin that would analyse your code's structure before you even got to compilation. It can then highlight any issues you wish to find.

What you can do is use the command line tools version of ReSharper, which is intended to be used in a CI environment ( This app runs standalone, rather than how ReSharper normally runs as part of Visual Studio, and it can load plugins to perform custom analysis here, as well as when running in VS. Furthermore, you can write a plugin to do custom logging of the issues, so you get to control how it outputs everything.

Is this more what you're after?


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