WPF Generic.xaml Intellisense?

Hello Community,

I have created a very simple WPF Custom Control assembly that contains a Generic.xaml file.  I have created a style with the Key "Test" in the Generic.xaml file.  I then create a new UserControl.xaml file in the same assembly, and attempt to use the Test resource in my Generic.xaml file, but for some reason, intellisense does not pick it up.

I have been fighting this for some time now and have gotten to the point of bringing it up here.  Is there something special I should be doing to ensure that resources defined in Generic.xaml files get picked up in UserControls defined in the same assembly?

If I create a new ApplicationDefinition .xaml file for the assembly (and define the Generic.xaml as a Merged Dictionary), the "Test" resource gets resolved as expected.  However, this seems like an unnecessary step and that the "Generic.xaml" file should get picked up automatically.

Thank you in advance for any assistance/guidance!

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Hello Michael,

  I filed a new feature request http://youtrack.jetbrains.com/issue/RSRP-416711 to support such case. You are welcome to comment and vote for it.



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