How do I configure "mandatory css class" warnings in Resharper?

In my project, I use the bootstrap framework which defines a css class called "btn" and several variants prefixed with "btn-xxxxx".

I have also created a class called "btn-standalone" in a different css file.

When I am creating html buttons using that class, resharper prompts me with a warning "When using 'btn-standalone', you must also specify 'btn'."

Where is this type of warning configured?  And how is the link between "btn" and "btn-standalone" determined by Resharper?  In my case, these classes are unrelated and this warning need not appear.


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This is a Web Essentials warning, and not associated with ReSharper.

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$hit.  Sorry about that.  I'll look in the Web Essentials options.  :(


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