File Templates: module.js as extension (name.module.js -> name1.module.js and not name.module1.js)

I was wondering if there was a way to define a file template where the the file "extension" has two parts

Basically we have a naming concention that says that we name JavaScript files that define AngularJS modules as: "moduleName.module.js".
This is because we have a tool that picks up all our files and automatically arranges them according to dependencies, and it is just easier to handle when the module definition as a specific extension.

So now I wanted to try and create a Module template, just starting with a single file. Something like:


$moduleName$ -> Filename without extension  

Now when I create a new module it sugests a filename as: moduleName.module1 and it actually doesn't even add .js when created...
At this point I now have a file:



I would like to tell it to treath the whole ".module.js" as the extension resulting in that it sugests the filename as: moduleName1 and when created adds the whole extension giving:



Is that in any way possible without having to go into huge trouble?

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