R#9 does not inspect ASPX files anymore?

I recently updated to R# 9 in VS 2013 Professional (Win7 64bit) and found that this version stopped inspecting *.aspx files in all of my solutions. Although I still see context information on objects (... that may come from VS itself), there are no suggestions on the left side nor the colored information bar on the right side of the editor window. Everythings works fine in *.cs/*.asax/*.ascx/*.master files. I completely de-installed the older versions and re-installed version 9 without any improvement. I checked the settings but could not find any that might be influencing this behavior. Another problem is that when I try to open the Extension Manager from the Resharper menu, a window opens with a progress bar but nothing more happens, even if I wait several minutes. Is anyone having similar problems and/or knows a solution for this? As far as I see now, my only chance is to go back to version 8.


Sounds worrying - I'm assuming this is happening on all projects that have .aspx pages, not just a single one?

To diagnose  this, would you mind posting a bug on our issue tracker at http://youtrack.jetbrains.com? We'd like to have as much info as possible, using your OS/VS locale, version and edition as well as information about any other VS plugins that you may have installed.



Hi Dmitri,
I'm just back from holidays, so please excuse my late answer. Yes, this problem occurs in all solutions, even when I start a new one with the "ASP.NET Web Application" template. I posted the issue on your YouTrack webserver on the 29th of Dec. (RSRP-429585). Unfortunatley I didn't receive any comment yet. I'll post some more info there about the installed plugins, if that helps.


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