Namespace and Shared Projects (shproj)

How do I get ReSharper to handle namespaces appropriately with shared projects?  

Here's the setup:

  • Project A is a C# test project (csproj) named ProjectName.Tests with default namespace ProjectName.Tests
  • Project B is a shared project (shproj) named ProjectName.Common with root namespace ProjectName.Common
  • Project A has a shared project reference to Project B
  • A file named SomeExtensions.cs is in Project B in a folder called Extensions, and the class within the file is in the namespace ProjectName.Common.Extensions

If I open the SomeExtensions.cs file the namespace is underlined, claiming "Namespace does not correspond to file location, should be: 'ProjectName.Tests.Extensions'".  I watched a webinar of resharper 9 that seemed to claim this should be working and didn't see any warnings in the open files.  Were they just turned off, or is there something I need to do to get this working?  I absolutely love this feature and would hate to have to disable it for this solution.

I'm using Resharper 9.0 Build 9.0.2014204.190166 (trial because other than this we haven't seen a need for 9.0 yet) and Visual Studio 12.0.31101.0

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As an addition to this I upgraded ReSharper 9 to update 1 so i'm now running "ReSharper 9.0 Update 1 Build 9.0.20141219.130142".
Unfortunately the issue is still there.

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Hello Arren,

  Please try installing ReSharper 9.1 EAP and check the issue there.

  If you are still experiencing the problem, please attach a sample demo solution which will demonstrate it.


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Alexander, it's quite easy to reproduce... It happens with every shared project with Rider and Resharper. They can't properly detect the correct namespace. It's been a bug since Resharper 9 and still not fixed in the current latest release.

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Hello Sam!


Thank you for the feedback.

Could you please provide some sample solutions introducing the issue?

Thank you.


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