Urgent -- Resharper packages expired!

I find this error popup this morning and Resharper won't load in vs2010. Resharper recently purchased and it is not expired.

[Window Title]
ReSharper Platform – Packages expired

[Main Instruction]
Not all the packages can be loaded

Product ReSharper cannot be started because it is expired.
Run installer to update the product.

[Command Links]
-> Header=_Run as is, Content=Run with current state of packages.
-> Header=Check for _updates, Content=Search for package updates automatically. You'll be notified when updated packages are found.
-> Header=_Shutdown ReSharper Platform, Content=Shutdown ReSharper Platform and fix packages manually.

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Hello Paul,

  It seems as if you have ReSharper 9.1 EAP build installed. All EAP builds have a timebomb inside. So, please install a new build from https://confluence.jetbrains.com/display/ReSharper/ReSharper+9.1+EAP.



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