I screwed something up, how do I reset shortcuts, and anyone know what I did?


I just started using Resharper after being recommended by some friends. I am just trying to get used to various features of it.

There was one thing that was driving me a bit mad - I had some custom snippets that appeared to be missing from the new intellisense menu - I didn't know about the deactivate resharper option, and so I instead opened a new instance of Visual Studio with the "/safemode" flag and I thought it would allow me to test without resharper.

It did as expected, and I closed the safemode instance.

My standard visual studio window was fine... until I closed it.

When I reopened Visual Studio, all my addins were still installed, but, I was missing all of the menu bar items for Resharper, Codemaid and a few other addins (right click context menus were still active on Solution Explorer).

After trying to fix the problem for ages, it was just much easier to reinstall the extensions that I remember had toolbars - I thought this fixed the problem.

However, I just pressed alt+enter and I just get the error noise instead of Resharper's popup.

I have tried resetting all shortcuts from within resharper, but, I have had no luck.


1. I won't be going in to safemode again any time soon, but, I was wondering if anyone knows what caused this all to go so wrong?

2. How can I restore the alt+enter menu?

3. If possible, how do I add my code snippets back in to the Resharper Intelisense menu? The Resharper Intelisese is nice, but, I really miss my snippets! Ctrl+K, Ctrl+X just isn't as quick for me.



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