How can one reorganize and sort code using Resharper?

Dear Resharper Pros -- Please help.I was using and I liked its "reorganizing" and "cleanup" features.For example, it will add/remove/normalize line-ending, sort members, and/remove/normalize regions, remove extra blank lines, fix whitespace-- all-file or single-file-- all at the click of a button.How can I get Resharper 9.1 to do the same thing for me in Visual Studio 2013?(I am a newbie to Resharper, but I do understand it a bit, I like its coding hints, and etc-- but I just cannot find the button for "reorg and sort and cleanup all my code".)Please advise.Thanks.-- Mark Kamoski
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The entry point is the ReSharper | Tools | Cleanup Code command.

There're lots of options for what it should do, see in ReSharper | Options
under the Code Editing group.

Serge Baltic
JetBrains, Inc —
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Serge -- Ok, I found "Code Cleanup"  now, per your excellent helps. Question answered, problem solved, and now moving on. Thanks. -- Mark Kamoski

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