Can you prevent certain assemblies from being included in Intellisense?

I've had a dig around but can't see anything obvious.

The fundamental annoyance we have lies not in Resharper but with DevExpress - who in their own core libraries (which we are forced to reference in order to use their controls) seem to have created classes with the exact same names as either our own or popular frameworks like Prism etc. Which means every single time Resharper is forcing us through the extra steps of choosing which of the variants it should choose (or if the developer is sloppy he picks the wrong one).

What I want to do is to configure referenced assemblies that *never* get included in Resharper intellisense suggestions. Is this possible already?

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If there is only a few of those you can try adding most common namespaces to Namespaces Imports / always imported. Might help at least with reduction of multiple choices.
I appreciate that it might not be a feasible workaround though since it affects everything...

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Hello Grant,

  You may try adding a custom filter to IntelliSense - ReSharper | Options | Environment | IntelliSense | Completion Filters | Custom Filters, adjust it to match needed DevExpress assemblies and disable it by default not to show it in IntelliSense.


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Hi guys thanks for the replies.

Yes I later found this feature and it worked really well - it is of course only in 9.x not in 8.x.

Sadly 9.x is completely unusable for other reasons I posted here so we are back to 8.x


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