ReSharper/JavaScript Issue: How can I remove a warning when function comes from another JavaScript file?

How can you get ReSharper to understand when a function is coming from another JavaScript file?  This may be more of a JavaScript question.  Is there a way to note this in the JavaScript so that ReSharper understands what is going on?

ReSharper is marking the following code with a warning. The Xrm.Page syntax is from the Micorsoft Dynamics CRM library and ReSharper is marking all of this code with warnings. The annoyance is there's hundreds of lines of code in my JavaScript that has this syntax.  So having hundreds of these warnings hides anything else that ReSharper is warning me about, as I cannot work through this many issues to find the 2 or 3 that are valid. So I would like to deal with this issue so I can see what else ReSharper is suggesting.

 if (UserHasRole(mloUserRole) === true) {                       
        return false;

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