Is there a fix for the ReSharper IntelliSense not working issue?

Dear ReSharper --

First, and for the record, I love ReSharper, I have fought for its purchase and implementation many time, and so forth.


Is there a fix for the ReSharper IntelliSense not working issue?

I have experienced this and I see a lot of posts online, here and elsewhere on the web, about this issue.

Anyway, it is an "issue" for me on this box because it has been broken on and off (after trying fixes and workarounds) since I installed ReSharper Ultimate, and it has not been right since.

Is there an actual fix for this? You, know, the "cannot resolve symbol" and so forth issue.


Been there for a while.

Still see no solution.

BTW, running on Win7 x64 with ReSharper Ultimate and VS2013, all fully patched and updated to the latest and greatest.


What is, I ask, the fix?

Please advise.


-- Mark Kamoski

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I login from time to time to this site to look for the same answer mate, it does greatly relieve me to see that we are not alone in experiencing the problems with 9.x.

The only response from JetBrains I have seen over this has been "please send us a sample solution". Which isn't even remotely practical or possible for the codebase we work on. It is not as if it is an instant reproducible problem - from my experiences Resharper "decays" over a period of time from the moment you clear the caches until you go to look for a type and find it no longer appears.

Clearly JetBrains rewrote some key components for 9.x - and equally clearly to us they introduced a problem by doing so.

Our only solution is to use 8.2.3, because 9.x is just unusable. Which means no VS 2015 (though that has enough bugs of its own in the CTP that we won't be touching that until SP1 at least either).

Maybe one day JetBrains will admit they do have a problem with 9.x and do something about it... in the meantime can only recommend people stick to the older versions until they fix it.


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