How to hide static members in resharper intellisense?


I wonder if it is possible to always hide static members when pressing the first character of the class/enum name
(or move them to the end of the list of possible selections, or automatically select the first matching item after this list)?

I find it quite annoying that all these are presented as first possible selection in the intellisense list.
E.g., if I wanted to use "string.Format",

  1. I would prefer the "string" keyword anyway (so all of these are "wrong" according to the code style we are following) and
  2. I would start typing "Format" instead of "string..." (similar also for enum values)

To simply write "string" - or select a member/local variable starting with a similar name, I have to scroll down a whole bunch of items that I don't need or continue typing manually.
I found that I can hide them by right clicking the members filter at the bottom - however this is reset every time the intellisense box opens.
And, it would also hide them if I e.g. start typing "Format". So this would not be a good solution to my problem.

Thanks in advance.

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