Resharper adding extra { on Enter.

I am using Visual Studio Enterprise 2015 with R# Ultimate 9.2.
I have noticed that when I create a code block, resharper is adding an extra '}' when it does its reformatting on Enter.
Here is an example:

     Line before I hit Enter:
          If (i<1){}

     Line after I hit Enter:
          If (i < 1)

     } }

The cursor is betweent the curly braces when I hit Enter.
I know it is something R# is doing because If I disable R#, it no longer does this.
Does anyone know where in the R# options I can go to disable R# adding this extra '}'?

Thank You for the help

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Hello Phillip

  Do you have any R# plugins installed (ReSharper | Extension Manager) or any other VS plugins?


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I'm having the same problem in C#. Any suggestions?  I have the formatting for resharper have a line break before { and in VS I do not. What I want is for there to be no line break until I save at witch point it applies resharper formatting and adds the line break.

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Hello Jakeb1616!


The TS wrote about extra curly brace while you writing about extra line break. Doesn't seems to be the same problem.

Does this extra line appear before any code block or just specific one (classes, fields, methods etc)? Could you please provide some code sample illustrating the issue.

Thank you.


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