License usage suggestion.

Sometimes I have projects that I rework from one version of visual studio to another. So I'll have two versions of visual studio open on the same computer at the same time. It seems like my Resharper 10 Ultimate doesn't allow for this scenario by disactivating one of the licenses. I'm hoping that as a single user license holder I can use the product on multiple versions of visual studio, even if they are opened simulatiously. It does make sense to me that if I'm on a single computer, and the only person logged in, that I should be allowed to bounce around from VS 2012 to VS 2015 without having my license deactivated.



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That should not happen, actually. Could you please provide a screenshot of how's exactly ReSharper is disabling the other instance?

Thanks in advance.

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It did happen again, but seems like my installed license was the old license somehow. I don't remember if I changed it or not before the license usage issue began. After I put in my current license, I haven't had Resharper stop working when multiple instances of VS are open on the same computer.

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Hi Ben,

Thanks for the follow up.
Hopefully it won't happern again in the future.



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