How to stop Build Results window from opening inside the Find Results window?

My Find Usages window opens in a floating Find Results window and I like it that way. However it seems once it gets opened (and closed)  in that fashion, every subsequent build opens its Build Window as a tab in the Find Results window and I have to close this window every tine I do a build. Gets annoying. Is there a way to stop R# from using this beahvior or even not showing the Builds Results in that window at all? I use VS's Error List window to view build errors and that's good enough for me and do not like any popups which I have to manually close.

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I just found out about a setting to never show the build results and I have set it to 'Never' and the results are still showing. I added a comment to that ticket indicating that it looks like a bug.
This is in R# 10 Tools => Build setting option.


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