ReSharper Build for clickonce packaging?

Anyone have experience with Resharper Build for building multiple "versions" of a ClickOnce publish?

For example, due to clickonce's requirement to include the deployment URL (and/or support URL) in the signed and published setup package, I need to manually change that URL for multiple clients and production vs. test server deployments.  I therefore have to re-publish the same build-version multiple times so I can copy it to the correct servers for clickonce deployment.  It's tedious and error-prone.

Can ReSharper Build help me automate publishing the multiple clickonce packages (maybe to separate staging directories) so I don't have to do them one at a time and keep re-typing the different target URLs?

Let me know if I'm not making myself clear.  This would be a great, great help if ReSharper Build could do it!


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Unfortunately, this isn't something ReSharper Build can help with - it's not targetted to setting up or changing build processes, it's intended to speed up building a solution, by intelligently running only the projects that need updating.


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