Detect that msbuild is run by ReSharper Build.

Hi ReSharper Team,

I've got a simple question: is it possibe to detect in msbuild script that a build is run by ReSharper Build?

I would like to get the following fragment working with ReSharper Build:

  <Target Name="DisableAnalyzersForVisualStudioBuild" BeforeTargets="CoreCompile" Condition="'$(BuildingInsideVisualStudio)' == 'True' And '$(BuildingProject)' == 'True'">
      <Analyzer Remove="@(Analyzer)" />

BuildingInsideVisualStudio property is not set, is there any alternative property set by ReSharper Build?


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I don't think ReSharper Build currently sets any such variables. I've added a feature request you can vote, track or add details to: RSRP-451495


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