Adding Resharper to the continuous integration


Hi all,

I have a question, I'm looking for a code analysis tool with the feature of automatic code fix on continuous integration. I wanted to know does Resharper can be added to the team city to check for violations and fix them automatically while building the application by TeamCity or other continuous integration systems?

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Hello Parsa,

R# Command Line Tools may help you to analyze the code on CI. But there is no way to apply fixes automatically.


Hi all,

i have some issue with my reSharper CMD, it seems that reSharper takes default settings and not my settings file.

this is the command i use: inspectcode MySolution.sln -o=<PathToOutputFile> --profile=<MySettingsFile>

in CMD i see that reSharper write "custom setting layer is mounted" but in the result i get report for default settings file.

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Hi Marknik123

I have replied via the corresponding support request.


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