Feature Request: Add ability to push the current Resharper settings into the equivalent VS options so they don't fight...

I love the settings menu in Resharper. I have my settings setup to be portable across solutions I work on. Great stuff.

However, I often run into situations where some obscure setting in VS conflicts with my preferred configuration established in Resharper. Obvious examples would be formatting choices; for example the formatting of switch/case/break sequences.

In cases like that, running a code cleanup will apply my settings from Resharper and get the code looking right. However, if I take the time to trudge through the VS options menu I can manually get the settings to harmonize and reduce the frequency that I need to apply a code cleanup.

It would be REALLY nice to have an automated means to "apply current Resharper configuration to VS options". That would take all of the guess work and searching for the right options out of the equation.


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