Documentation on Creating a Plug-In/Using OpenAPI?

I work in an Architecture group at my company. We've begun getting serious
about extending the development environment used by our 800+ developers.
We've begun learning VSX in general, the DSL Tools and the Guidance
Automation Toolkit.

I also depend on ReSharper, and have done so since version 1.5. I'd love to
be able to leverage your OpenAPI in our work, but, beyond reading the source
code of the PowerToys, I have no idea how to get started. In the absence of
even some documentation on the architecture of the API, we really just can't
use ReSharper, except for the simplest automation through macros.

I hope someone can help. I'm willing to do a lot of work, but I'm not
willing to infer how to use the API by referring to examples - different
developers may infer different things from the same example, so code
generated based on inference is not very maintainable.


John Saunders | Microsoft MVP - Connected System Developer

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