Intellisense list doesn't remember my last choice


When I make a selection in the Intellisense list WITHOUT ReSharper installed, MS has been wise enough to save that choice, so the next time the list appears, the last selection I made is the one selected!
ReSharper does not save this choice!
This is pretty annoying when your just want to browser the different properties/functions/whatever, and everytime the list reappears, I have to scroll ALL THE WAY THROUGH IT AGAIN AGAIN AND AGAIN AGAIN!!! - To get to where my last choice was made?!?!?

- Is this something your are going to address in the next version?
I'm tempted to say it's so annoying I've almost uninstalled ReSharper on several occasions!


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R# indeed has a facility for remembering the most popular choice in completion
lists, but I'm afraid it's not always working as intended. We'll have to
review the way it works.

You don't have to scroll through the R# completion list, as it narrows down
its set of items on each letter you type, leaving only the matching items.
For me, this works most of the time, even if sometimes R# preselects the
wrong item.

Serge Baltic
JetBrains, Inc —
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