unit testing

Apart from F5-ing out to "devenv.exe /Resharper.Plugin myplugin", is there any other way to test during plugin development? Specifically, unit testable via nunit/mbunit/mspec....I mean, if you guys are using this internally to build resharper itself, surely you can't all be F5-ing to fix those EAP bugs all day long...right? Right?

I want to be able to do this sort of thing (mspec pseudo code):

Establish context = () =>
     csharpCode = @"
     namespace Testing
          public class MyClass
               // ..some code




Because of = () =>
     data = openApi.Analyse(csharpCode, myPluginA, myPluginB);


It generates_a_suggestion_when_foo_is_barred = () => data.Suggestions.ShouldContain(s => s.Text == "Your foo is barred");

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Yes, that would be great. How do you guys test R# anyway?



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