Loading defaults for "Cleanup code..." based on project file possible ?

I am trying to improve the StyleCopForResharper plugin by loading the defaults for CodeCleanUp from a Settings.StyleCop file that can be found as part of the project.
I already have a method that given a project / solution or directory, finds that file.

For that I need in method:

public void SetDefaultSetting(CodeCleanupProfile profile, CodeCleanup.DefaultProfileType profileType)

to be able to get an instance of IProjectFile .

Is that possible ?
If not is there other way I can get the current directory of the project / solution that's loaded ?


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Hi Claudio! I've been working recently on R# plugin that manages R# settings (available at http://rsm.codeplex.com/). Please try it out and if it doesn't solve your problem we could consolidate our efforts and add the feature you need to my plugin. What do you think?


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