Any documentation whats changed in the API between Resharper 5 and 6?


I love Resharper 6 however I miss agentjohnson and agentsmith and I thought perhaps I can fix them so that they work with Resharper 6. The original author has not done any updates yet perhaps it is changing with the release of Resharper 6.
My problem is I have no glue what has changed between 5 and 6 and the documentation about the api is very rare. I found the wiki entry about Resharper 6 plugin dev and it is really great but I have still some problems.
Unfortunately the power toys seem not to be change for Resharper 6 too so I can't take a look whats done here.

Do you have some summary what API changes happened which breaks addins and how to fix it or what to use insted?
I can also post some specific questions if this is better.

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