Is it possible to use the R#-Extension I develop?

Hi everybody,

I've developed a R#-Extension and I would like to use it myself. Unfortunately, it seem that with my extension installed I can no longer debug the same extension, because R# loads all installed extensions also in the experimental instance and the installed DLLs conflict with those I want to debug. With strong-named assemblies, the development-version does not load at all. With weak-named assemblies only the main assembly loads, but all its dependencies fail to load, what leads to API incompatibilities in case the dependency changed. I cannot seem to find a way to disable the installed R#-extension in the experimental instance. Is there a way to solve this issue?


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Annoyingly, plugins passed in on the command line can't override an installed extension. Right now, the only way to debug a plugin is to uninstall the equivalent extension.

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That's unfortunate, indeed


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