UI Test a WPF Windows that's part of a R# Extension?

Hey guys,

is there a way to write a UI test for a, say, tool window in a R# extension?

I can manually run my extension in the Experimental Instance and then execute CodedUITests. In that case there is no direct dependency from the test project to R# SDK. However, I can't seem to figure out a way to make these kind of tests run on TeamCity.
So what I now try to do is create my controls from within the test, fire them up, and then run the usual CodedUITests. This fails, because the R# SDK dependencies cannot be found.

So currently I'm wondering whether this is even the right way to go on about it? And if not, is there another way I'm not aware of?

I'm gradeful for any hint or advice you can give me!
Best regards,

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I don't believe the SDK provides any means of doing integration tests like this. We do run them internally, but I don't think we ship anything to help. The best thing you can do is write tests to automate an instance of Visual Studio with your extension installed. Personally, I don't write any tests for UI elements, but test the APIs instead.

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Thanks. That's what I feared... we had a nasty Xaml-Bug that made one of our tool windows just stay blank. Would have been nice to write a regression test for that one. Anyways, we'll figure something out. Thanks again!


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