ReShaper Extension Debugging Flow?

I feel like I must be missing something.  Do I really have to re-package my extension after every build just to debug it?  The process is really rough... It takes at least 1.5 minutes each time I build and want to debug, to say nothing of the 15+ additional clicks it requires after I build:

1) Build my extension solution/project
2) Run my package command, incrementing version number to create the nuget package
3) Launch Visual Studio in experimental instance
4) Open Extension Manager, click update, then install
5) Close Visual Studio
6) Start Visual Studio again

I'm really hoping that I'm missing something here or that help is on the way, because this is really time-consuming, and while I really like that ReSharper doesn't have a limited Extension API that restricts what we can do, a lot of that functionality is undocumented, so ReSharper extension development requires a lot of re-build and retry while developing new features.

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No, you only have to package it for the first install, which in itself is much less slick than we'd like. However, package once, install it, and then copy the dlls on each build. As long as you're not introducing a new dll, this will work fine for you. If you do introduce a new dll, then you'll need to install a new package.

To update the dll in the installation directory, you need to add the "HostFullIdentifier" property to your .csproj or .csproj.user file. This will cause the main assembly of that project to get copied across to the installation folder. It doesn't copy any dependencies - these need to be manually copied. Details are in the devguide.


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